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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toys For Children With Autism

Do you have a child in on autism or a physical disability? Do you have need getting toys for them? Would you like to produce toys the can help them learn? This study plans to find you 7 situations to consider, when buying your child amongst a disability toys.

The National Lekotek Center a non profit organization dedicated to making play and learning accessible for children with disabilities has debuted the AblePlayTM Toy rating system and Website. This Website will give lots of information on toys for children with different types of disabilities, for parents and therapists. Things that parents should keep in mind when choosing toys are:

1. Does the toy have multisensory appeal? Does it have lights, sounds, music, or movement? Does the surface have a unusual texture? Many children with disabilities respond to music and things that they can feel that have a lot of texture!

2. Is it easy for a child to use and activate? Will the toy be challenging to the child but not cause frustration?

3. Does the toy give the child opportunities for success?

4. Is the toy safe for all children and is it durable? Can it be washed in a machine or hand washed? Toys that break easily and are not durable may not be appropriate for children with autism or other disabilities.

5. Can the child use the toy to express themselves and be creative?

6. Does the toy have an adapted switch for children with physical disabilities?

7. Will the toy engage the child and allow them to be an active participant.

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  1. Fantastic, great to find your site. My wife runs autismpda.org we have an autistic little girl.