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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Autistic Children Behavior - Modifying The Behavior Of Autistic Children

There are a large number of programs which one can use in order to change the wrongful behavior of an autistic child. Most of them are actually rooted on the training of the child to act in a further appropriate way when in society. Temper tantrums provided be fought as soon as they give the impression in the patient, mostly by employing a special possessing technique on the child. Leaving the patient untreated may lid to severe complications.

Symptoms have got to be fought as soon as they appear; if not mad and impulsive behavior may influence the autistic patient sometimes living much to institutionalization. The most common mistake finished today is the current the whole family, revolving around the child, unrest its behavior instead of the other way around. All the family members should participate in restraining all the bad and terrible behavior signs of the child, when ever this are present. Temper tantrums should frequently try to be avoided as still as possible. Letting the kids act wildly and not restraining them when the present as long as be completed would only postpone
and aggravate the total amount that the tantrum is going to have.
Studies have shown that a daily routine is very important in the cases of autistic children. Families should always be near the child and respond accordingly to what his or her actions are. If signs of improvement are seen the routine can be gradually modified letting some more space to the child.

Another very important fact in helping the patient is the control of temper tantrums. This is done by using the holding technique on the child. The parent must hold the child patient to the chest with a tight grip on the body and all of its limbs. Communicating with the child at all times is of utmost importance if good results are to be seen. One should never give in to the child’s erratic behavior. Some consider this to be a sort of punishment but they couldn’t be more wrong. This actual form of restrain is devised in such a way so that both the patient and the people surrounding the child are safe from the tantrum’s wild effects.

Holding of the child must be done in such a way as not to harm him at any time. Still the message must very clear to the patient: this is not fun and the parent’s authority must be imposed. The level of restraint should be done in accordance to the level of the temper tantrum. This whole program must teach the child that what he is doing is very wrong and that his behavior must change. The action is also to normalize his actions so that a social un aggressive life is possible.

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