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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

9 Top Symptoms Displayed by Autistic People

Autism signs adults seem for record nine main symptoms the present an adult has always had. This is while adults do not substantiate autism, if they have it they continually had it. What happens in multi examples is the present mortgage holders notice the current this personality peculiarities may not be normal and conduct research to determine if these symptoms are for a disorder or disease.

This people then report their findings to their family doctor and the process of diagnosing autism begins. This is usually in adults with mild cases of autism who are independent and function reasonably well on their own.

Autism signs adults can look for:

* Difficulty holding a job due to poor communication skills

* Trouble taking care of themselves on a daily basis

* Reclusive and prefer to be alone and shun social events

* Not empathetic to others

* Lack of understanding of social behaviors

* Compulsive with single object or subject. A common example is when a person often brings a conversation back to a specific top that they are interested in.

* Inability to adjust set schedule (usually react with anger or become panicked)

* Overwhelmed when forced into a social situation without enough time to prepare to handle the situation.

* Anxiety level shoots through the roof over small things that others see as minor or non-existent issues.

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