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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Signs and Symptoms to Watch For to See If You Child May Be Autistic

An Autism Doctor Helps You Identify The Signs And Symptoms of Autistic Children Autism as a diagnosis is shown by a set of certain behaviors. In addition, there are characteristic language deficits and social interaction problems. The major thing to realize is no two autistic consumers are exactly the same - this is particularly true with children. Each child and adult is an specific investing in their own unique wants and desires.

Biomedical treatments for autism this kind of as dietary modification, supplement therapy and others can help in on many of these kinds of center associated with autism Every person with an autism diagnosis has their own unique personality that can manifest in a variety of ways. For example, one child can be affectionate, while another appears aloof. The same thing can be seen with behaviors - one child can have easy onset tantrums or aggression, while another child is calm and non-aggressive. Various therapies can help these individuals such as behavioral therapy and biomedical treatments for autism.

Language is a big issue in people with autism. Some individuals are mildly affected and only exhibit slight language delays, while others have a complete loss of speech - which affects both expressive and receptive language skills. Again, biomedical treatments for autism have helped many individual with language issues. Even though the severity of symptoms varies from person to person, each has some core issues is the categories below: Language and Nonverbal Communication

* Complete lack in speech or very limited language development.

* Stereotypical behavior such as echolalia. This manifests as repeating something over and over such as a phrase from a TV program or movie.

* Difficulty initiating or maintaining conversation.

* Difficulty understanding the subtleties of communication such as humor or concern. Many individuals fail to understand what is being implied.

Note: In addition to speech therapy commonly utilized for these issues, biomedical treatments for autism can help with language development. I treated a child in my practice who went from 30 words to over 300 words in 3 weeks with the use of Methyl-B12 therapy.

Social Engagement

* Problems with eye contact, recognizing facial expression or body posturing.

* Disinterested in sharing enjoyment such as playfulness with other people. Lack of humor appropriate for age.

* Disinterested in the achievements or interests of other people.

* Lack of interest in playing or engaging in friendship development with others.

* Lack of awareness for some else's pain, desires, or ambitions. Empathy is lacking.

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